Book Binding

Book binding is not taught here, but we do write about different types of bindings in this category. The binding is important to understand in terms of cost, style and function. It is also important to know how binding differs depending on book production or manufacturing.

Where and how you print a book determines your options. Most custom options are available at Star Print Brokers and we offer hard to find options as well. There is a reason why we can offer so many and that is that we specialize in beautiful bindings for books that print in signatures on sheet-fed offset presses. We do not do print on-demand books. Budget and print quantity are a consideration.

Hardcover, soft cover or Wire-O, we have special custom options. It is good to get an overview of binding. We are always available for consultation.

The files to print a book vary depending on where a book is printing. A print on-demand book has different specifications than a book printed on press in signatures. Become familiar with the binding possibilities if you are thinking about publishing a book.