Book Design

Good design for books is not just having a distinctive cover, but interior page design is essential. The design of interior pages needs to have it’s own style that is established by creating style sheets. Special attention needs to be paid to margins and white space.

We cover page size, typography, photos, images, and more in articles in this topic. Self-publishers should understand book design … and rightfully so. It can make or break a book. Good design is that important!

Book layout is what makes a book pleasing to the eye. When you open the book and it is attractive or functional, you thereby accomplish the design of a great layout. But, there is more to it than beauty or functionality. Many independent authors try to create a terrific book design cannot create great design without the skills or information to do so.

There is no substitution for years of study in the field of graphic art and book design. This is a specialized field. But, you can make your self-published book better. We write about tips, trick, and essentials for making the pages of your book look as like as the cover.

In this category, we include articles relating to book design.

The parts of a book have a definite place or purpose. We try to solve the problems that most self-publishers have when compiling a book. Our articles are free, and you may find everything your need to plan your book.

The parts of a book consist of the front matter, the text block, and the back matter. But, within these parts, are many more considerations. Nancy Starkman wrote Book Design:Simple & Professional. Buy it on Amazon for all the definitive answers to your questions. But, many of the most common questions are in articles or updates that we continually add to this category.