Self-publishing is a journey. The self-publishing category is of great interest to many authors and publishers. Much of the publishing world embraces self-publishing. Writers, authors, photographers, artists, and anyone who is interested in publishing, would like to understand their options.

It really is a journey too. Author self-publishing takes time. There is always more to writing a book. The design, layout and compilation takes most authors longer that they anticipate at the beginning. Proofing never seems to end. But, the joy when you hold your first book in your hands is just thrilling!

Not all books become bestsellers. But, we do have many authors reprint their books or print new titles. We’ve also had some huge sellers that make tens of thousands, and occasionally hundreds of thousands of dollars for our clients. They are the exceptions, but consider Star Print Brokers whether you are printing 1,000 or 150,000 books.

We love helping authors to self-publish their books profitably. We want you to succeed. We organized articles into a category that will hopefully answer many of your questions. If not, just give us a call.