Book Printing

Read about book printing as the quality and level of skill it takes to manufacture premium book quality is vital. Great book printers are hard to find, but we have a select cadre of top manufacturers that we with.

There are different ways to print books. The traditional way is to print on commercial printing presses. Specifically,, printing in signatures on sheet-fed offset presses, not web presses. Also, not all printers print books. Not all book printers are of the same caliber as the handful that we utilize.

Plus, we know the business, from book design to options, what makes a well-bound book, and the binding process and materials. Nancy Starkman, president of SPB, wrote the book, Book Design: Simple & Professional. Buy the book on Amazon, or hire Nancy to design your book.

The advent of print on-demand means that books can be output from a digital output device. This is not a book printing press. They use toner that smears, not ink. But, book pages can economically output, a few at a time. Books can also be printed on press in short runs. That is okay for a black and white paperback, but not for high-quality books.

Book printing is an art. Printing color is also an art. Books that print beautifully and are well-bound, can command a higher retail price. This doesn’t mean that authors can only print on press. But, they need to understand the options. Price differs, unit cost varies depending on manufacturer and quantity. Is quality in book printing important to you?

Over the years, we’ve provided many options that self-publishers cannot find at other printers. There are many print on-demand services too, but most either do not offer the custom options that we offer. Perhaps it is having fewer restrictions on cover wrap material, but whatever it is for you as a self-publisher, we offer more. Does your printer offer expert book printing?

We hear that we are unique. That is how it should be, by design. When we converse with authors, they are often astonished at the variety and depth of the things we can do for their new title.

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