Color Book Printing

Full color book printing for self-publishers is what we do, since 1999. Process color book printing is an art. Star Print Brokers, in Bellevue WA, prints only high-quality books, and offers many custom options that are hard to find anywhere else.

We are proud to print top quality books for self-publishers.

We have the printing and color background to source only the best printers. Not all printers are the same, and not all printers in any one country are of the same quality. In fact, we work with a handful of proven printers, and also source only the best for your particular book.

First, be sure to understand the use of ink versus toner. There is only one way to get process color. Traditionally, books print in signatures on sheet-fed, offset presses. They are usually 6-color presses.

Not all printers print books.

Realize that just because a book is in color, that does not mean it is process color. Process color is CMYK … cyan, magenta, yellow and black inks. Each ink comes from an ink tray on press and is quality ink printing on fine quality paper.

You cannot achieve process color book printing with digital print on-demand output devices. They are simply spraying toner on paper and toner smears, while ink does not. The POD quality is even worse if they use ink-jet.

A beautiful process color book that is well-bound commands a higher retail price. Therefore, how important is quality book printing important for your title?

Options that are hard to find elsewhere.

Secondly, we provide many options that self-publishers cannot find at other printers. There are many POD services and most either do not offer very many options. They have more restrictions on cover wrap material than we do. Whatever the self-publisher needs for process color book printing, we offer more choices. Your printer probably doesn’t offer expert book printing.

Star Print Brokers is unique in process color book printing, and self-publishers remind us of that all the time.

In conclusion, we like helping authors self-publish their books profitably, and we post articles into categories that should answer many of your questions. If not, just contact us!